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    Business scope

    About us

    Kin Fung Group is a collection of fruit production, purchase and sale, supermarket distribution, canned fruit and vegetable processing business in one of the agricultural and sideline products business, the group was established in 2006, with a total investment of 520 million yuan RMB.Kin Fung Food Co., Ltd. existing more than 200 acres of production and processing sites, 4000 tons of low temperature cold storage library, daily processing 3000 tons of sewage treatment station, more than 6800 square meters, staff activity place, 500 square meters of examination and test of products R & D center, built more than 20000 acres of high-quality yellow peach, Dangshan pear cul…

    Warmly celebrate the Anhui Health Food Co., Ltd. is a new line on the line! Welcome to browse!Kin Fung Group is a collect…
    In the production of canned fruit Turner, the fruit raw materials processing is one of the more important steps, below ar…
    Processing technology of soft canned vegetables: selecting a material, segmentation, pre cooked destroy enzyme, cooling r…
    Autumn should eat the 7 largest fruitObjective: the heavenly stems and gas autumn dryness. People are very susceptible to…